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With this blog, I am trying to present the tinification kernel effort as I run against its issues and implicitly my way of getting over them and the resulting contributions. The purpose is to make the kernel easier to fit with embedded systems, mostly in size, by being able to include the core features required by each specific system, while not damaging the overall performance.

Why this subject? I am currently engaged in OPW, working on the Kernel Tinification Project.

There are two main reasons I really like this project: first of all, as things may be modified wherever in the kernel in order to make it smaller, I can get a glimpse of multiple key kernel functionalities; secondly, the idea that there are lots of ways to decrease the kernel size that can still be exploited is both tempting and useful. Considering these, I think the hardest part is to find balance between size, speed and code readability.

I will come back soon with details regarding the approaches I choose in order to contribute to this effort. 🙂