LinuxCon Attendance 2015

I was hoping for a long time to take part of LinuxCon, and last year I have attended it (plus EmbeddedCon) for the first time, together with taking part to a panel in which some of us from Outreachy Round 9 have presented and discussed about our work during the internship. It was an interesting experience, having to present in that environment, especially as I am usually a pretty shy person. So I really wanted overcome this and present my work on the project in a  clear and comprehensive manner.

I had been working with Josh Triplett on Linux Kernel Tinification project. I really appreciate having him as a mentor during the internship and I wished to have met him at the conference. 

I think one of the nicest things at this conference is that the subjects of the presentations are extremely varied, which I think has two advantages: learning about communities around different projects which helps having a wider view over the active development work on Linux kernel (so one can find out about a project, discuss with people around it and easier start contributing); impossible not to find interesting presentations that fit with each person interest. Of course, the downside is that one cannot attend all of them, which is unfortunate… But, hey!

The two presentations that immediately come into my mind from the conference are the one about seccomp and it’s applications (Michael Kerrisk was indeed a great presenter) and Use “strace” To Understand Your Shell (BASH) (self-explanatory presentation name :)).

I cannot escape mentioning the closing game of the conference (rock-paper-scissors spock lizard), which was really entertaining and fun.

Other than than, Dublin is one of the friendliest cities I have ever visited. 🙂

I am happy that I had this opportunity, thanks to Linux Foundation, through the Outreachy program. Now I am enthusiastically waiting for the Berlin Embedded Linux Conference!